Sex in Fresno

What makes me stand out from other healers? My visceral, somatic intelligence. I am worldly, mysterious and a great conversationalist. With my vast background practicing tantra, massage and BDSM I have created a way of working that truly meets you where you are. Not only will I provide you with an ambient and magical healing journey that will linger on your mind for ages, but I will do so with integrity, care and a fiery sense of humor. My belief is that we weave our own reality. This creative journey starts with our thoughts.

If you’d like to make a booking please initially include the following information; Your full name (as documented on your ID) Your age, and occupation. Your location and hotel info (including room number if already known) the date that you’d like to book along with a preferred time and duration. A cell number that I can contact you on to discuss our arrangements. If there are particular times that are good/not good for me to call back please also include that!

The work we do together is a moving meditation that will allow you to get out of your head and into a more somatic experience followed by a great sex in Fresno together. Through breathe work, touch, and visualization, I will teach you how to get present and grounded in the moment. As you learn to be your own healer, your capacity to feel bliss will expand. In addition to my background in the healing arts, I am a writer and performance artist and bring this love of storytelling into the work. What’s your current story? And what do you want it to be? Allow me to to help you manifest your most authentic, wild, beautiful life. What are you waiting for? ;-)