Escort in Houston

My interests are as vast as my imagination. A renaissance woman and an entrepreneur, curiosity are my bread and butter. I am a fan of theatre, film and literature with a growing interest in politics and human rights. I love to travel. I am currently working on a feature film amongst many other creative endeavors. The key to my heart is an interest in patroning the arts. But a pair of Gucci sneakers also won’t hurt. I love the finer things in life and have a hunger for fashion and beauty. I’m assuming we have that in common. ;-)

Nothing makes me sqirum with pleasure like a gentlman with etitquette. What does that mean? It means booking in advance, of course. Hitting me up day of is always frowned upon and never met with the same appreciation as a gent who respects my time. In return, I will respect yours. I am happy to provide you with a safe sex in Houston (including a negative COVID test upon request) and ask for the same consideration. Part of my process with seeing you will also require me seeing a linkedin. I am used to working with high profile clients/ CEOs/ puplic figures. Everyone provides this. It creates a tone of trust and allows me to let my hair down and really give you the free spirited time you deserve.